Cow milk allergy and calcium in children

Kathryn Doyle at the Globe and Mail – Kids allergic to cow’s milk may have low bone density: study:

Kids with cow’s milk allergy had lower bone mineral density than others, and 6 per cent had low bone mass, while none of the kids in the comparison group had low bone mass, according to the results in Pediatrics.

“The important message is that these children should be followed preventively to be sure that they take sufficient calcium and vitamin D to have strong bones and avoid bone problems,” Des Roches said. “Otherwise, these kids are in very good health.”

Less than half of kids with cow’s milk allergy were taking calcium and vitamin D supplements.

As a parent of a child with many allergies, it’s been difficult to find a good replacement for the milk/dairy that is recommended in all food guides. We eat plenty of vegetables, but perhaps we also need to find a supplement.

Bagged milk bags

Sai Sumar for Lucky Peach – What’s up with bagged milk?:

Ask a Canadian if they drink milk from a bag and, depending on which end of the country they’re from, you’ll get a different answer: Canadians from the east (especially Ontario and Quebec) will say, “Yes, doesn’t everyone? Wait…why are you looking at me like that?” and Canadians from the west (roughly Manitoba to British Columbia), will dismiss you out of hand, “No, that’s fucking weird. It’s not a Canadian thing; it’s an Ontario thing.”

Not quite true. I grew up in Vancouver and we had bagged milk. We actually had bagged milk delivered to our house once a week by Dairyland.I can’t remember when that ended, but it must have been sometime in the early ’90s.

Those milk bags were quite useful in our family. My mom used to wash out the used bags and use them for freezing soups. Once frozen (using the pitcher to hold the bag while it’s in the freezer), you just needed to fold over the top, maybe add a rubber band and it would be fine. For extra freezer protection you could put the soup into another bag which could be more properly sealed.