Homemade beef hot dogs

We used to be able to find the Pillar’s hot dogs at our local Loblaw’s grocery store. But about two years ago they stopped ordering it in. And I don’t think Pillar’s makes it anymore. We haven’t dared to try any of the others yet, seeing as we still haven’t found a suitable hot dog bun recipe. But I had some time. And some nitrate salts. And so I tried making them myself. I don’t have a sausage stuffer (yet?) so I just made them into small patties by hand and cooked them on the stovetop.

So I added ground beef, spices, water and curing salt to the food processor and mixed. Slow, fast, pulse.

I thought this was good enough emulsification. But it wasn’t. I probably needed to run it about double the time I did in order to get the texture like the store-bought stuff.

The taste was pretty spot on, except for being a bit salty. Next time I’ll add only the curing salt and not add any extra. The texture; however, was nearly like a meatball and fell apart easier than I wanted.

Feedlot aerial photos

Mishka Henner’s Feedlot photos from 2013 show satellite photos of the conditions in which feedlot cows are held. Be sure to check out the video trailer for the exhibition.

Inspired by those photos, I’ve taken my own screenshots from Bing maps of the JBS Food Canada Inc meat processing facility and the nearby Lakeside Feedyard in Brooks, Alberta. That doesn’t look like good food to me.

JBS and Lakeside
JBS Food (upper right) and Lakeside Feedyard (lower left)
Lakeside Feedyard
Closeup of Lakeside Feedyard