Recipe: Pressure cooker chicken and chickpea masala

This is not my recipe, and I had to make some changes due to our allergy food avoidances. It turned out fantastic nonetheless.

Serious Eats – Pressure cooker chicken and chickpea masala

– Substitutions:
– Vegetable oil for butter (no dairy)
– Swiss chard for the spinach (sensitivity to spinach)
– Thai Kitchen coconut milk for the heavy cream (no dairy)
– No cilantro (while I don’t have an aversion to cilantro, my partner hates the taste)

– we use McCormick’s spices – as noted elsewhere in the allergy food world, they are well known to have good food-handling procedures in their plants, and allergen-free spices. (If only we could get their spices in bulk or in larger amounts, so that they would be cheaper and so we don’t have so many glass spice containers laying around…)