“Fresh raw organic juice” – Juicero

Those quotes are intentional. Seriously the Juicero is a $700 appliance to squeeze fresh raw organic juice from hand chopped fruits and vegetables in plastic packets. (Not to mention the $5-7 cost of each food packet.)

The machine itself is a white plastic slab roughly the size of a food processor. To get some juice, you insert a pouch that resembles an IV bag and press a button. A couple of minutes later, a thin stream of vividly colored liquid squirts into a glass.

For health nuts willing to pay a premium, Juicero promises the platonic ideal of juice. Plus, the machine never needs to be cleaned.

The article states that the company is developing a compostable package, but what about now? You’re not only throwing away the packaging, you’re throwing away perfectly compostable food inside the packages. Also, you’re not getting any of the fiber that comes along with eating fruits and vegetables – which is an essential part of the nutrition value of those foods.

Do yourself a favour and get a blender. Put some fresh fruit and veggies in it, blend, and drink.