Allergen labeling on food products

Ishani Nath at Allergic Living – Precautionary Allergy Labels Cause Widespread Confusion, Researchers Find:

The survey results, presented at the AAAAI allergists’ conference on March 5, reveal that: 40 percent of consumers avoiding one or more allergens bought foods “manufactured in a facility that also processes allergens,” but only 12 percent bought foods with a “may contain” label. Beyond buying habits, the researchers also found a lack of awareness of labeling rules: 45 percent of respondents didn’t know that precautionary warnings are not required by law.

Those 1-800 phone numbers on the package? Call them and ask these two questions about the product:

  • Is the product manufactured on the same process line that produces other products that use the allergens?
  • Is the product manufactured in a facility that also processes the allergens?

Most reputable food manufacturers will have information on this.