On picky eaters

Dilla Narduzzi for Macleans back in December 2015: A Naturally Picky Eater? There’s No Such Thing

This profusion of taste buds can make kids more sensitive, or even resistant, to strong flavours, but being exposed to those foods over time can make them more receptive. Unfortunately, many parents don’t realize this is a stage, and never offer the offending item again.

The way we introduce new foods to our child is to ask them to try the food at least once per meal. (i.e., stick out your tongue and taste it, and maybe chew it a little.) We offer the food every time, whenever we happen to cook it, and model eating it. Beyond that, we don’t force them to eat it. We also try to have at least one dish during the meal that we know they like and will eat, which ensures they won’t leave the table hungry (at least, not too hungry).

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